Cameron Cleans Up the World, Then Comes to DMA2010


James Cameron Keynote Speaker at DMA2010
James Cameron is speaking on the Monday Keynote Panel

As the Group Show Director for this years’ annual event I have never been more excited than I am for this years event…..everything is falling our way, the most brilliant minds in entertainment, marketing (both online-offline, digital and print) will be on display. Leading Innovators like James Cameron will lead our dynamic and distinguished lineup of keynote speakers.  With everything swirling in the news today about the Gulf Oil Spill and James Cameron innovative use of underwater excavation, I am proud that DMA will have him on podium speaking to over 10,000 global marketers from over 50 countries. Earlier this week, he appeared on Larry King Live talking at length about what he could offer to help solve the BP crisis. It’s great to see such passion and determination from someone of Cameron’s standing and we are excited to bring these qualities to our show. We definitely feel like we picked a winner and I am looking forward to hearing his thoughts on the convergence of entertainment and marketing in his panel discussion with Ehtisham Rabbani of LG phones and Scott Donaton. But we have SO much more to offer this year, and I’ll be back on this blog posting more selected highlights in the coming weeks. We’d love to hear what you think of the show, so please add comments and let us know what you’re looking forward to. 



Paul McDonough, VP Conference and Events, DMA 


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One Response to Cameron Cleans Up the World, Then Comes to DMA2010

  1. This will be far more interesting than simply an ‘entertainment’ speaker — Cameron is a smart guy whose curiosity and tenacity has led him to be a technical visionary in a field already full of creative and smart minds. He’s a natural marketer, too.

    It’s heartening to see that he’s also deep into trying to use his background in underwater technology to try to help stem this terrible problem in the Gulf. When people like Cameron and Bill Gates start pouring their personal money and time into projects that improve the human condition, it speaks highly of what’s possible in the world when the right people are moved to help.

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