Jeff Hayzlett Talks About DMA2010

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  1. Love this!

    And Jeff is absolutely right about this. if you’re not moving forward, you may as well just hang it up because you’re moving backwards. There is no possibility of successfully treading water in this business.

    An economy like the one we’ve been experiencing this past couple of years makes clients fearful of trying new things and even fearful of going outside their ‘box’ for new ideas and more experience. We’ve seen some terrible waste this year as a result of people trying to ‘wing it’ themselves, and they often lose their entire investment because they simply don’t have the expertise to do it right. Anymore it’s cheaper to hire expertise to do it right than to lose it all by not understanding the nuances of how to do it correctly.

    The great thing about DMA is, it’s the chance to learn from people who have been there and done that. Listen carefully when you go to hear about their experiences. Many of the speakers will talk about what did NOT work, as well as what did work.

    This year the program committee put intensive effort into making sure that the speakers are all experienced purveyors and clients who are open minded and ready to share the good, bad and ugly so you don’t come away with just ‘theoretical’ junk – the attendees of this conference who go there to learn will leave with many exciting new ideas and a laundry list of things to do in the coming year.

    I’ve been going to DMAs for 20+years and I always leave the conference having learned something new from the speakers, AND from vendors on the trade show floor. There is a lot of new stuff out there and the DMA is a perfect environment in which to view and learn about today’s convergent, multi channel marketing … and see how to put it to use immediately.

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