ECHO Week: The ECHO Gallery Returns

DMA2010 and the return of the ECHO Gallery Lounge

Check out the ECHO winners at the ECHO Gallery Lounge

One of the most popular, but unsung, parts of ECHO at the Annual conference is the ECHO Gallery Lounge. Situated near the Registration reception area, this Lounge allows attendees to flick through the most inspirational direct and digital campaigns from around the world. Each campaign that is fea

tured in the ECHO Gallery Lounge is a 2010 ECHO Award winner – although no one knows the specific color of the award until Tuesday night at the Gala!

The Lounge is designed for you to visit whenever you want, there are too many ECHO Award winning campaigns to flick through in one visit. But it is located in such a central area that I find myself getting away from the hectic conference crowds for 15 or 20 minutes a couple times a day to get inspired and learn from the best in my own time. The entire portfolio of all Gold, Silver and Bronze award winners are there for you to see, and, although you can get some idea of what it’s all about on the ECHO website, there’s nothing like visiting the Gallary Lounge at the conference to get fully immersed in the winning campaigns! It’s one of my favorite things to do at Annual.

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