DMA2010 Guru Gets Exicted About US Business Opportunities

Greetings to all! It sure looks like the excitement is building for the DMA conference – I know I am looking forward to getting out there and getting in front of some fascinating folks.

We at US Financial Services Group specialize in reducing the cost of payment acceptance for online and direct merchants – and we will be talking about that at the conference – but I wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone why today is such a great time to be in business in America.

We have the best distribution systems in the world, the most affluent markets to sell into and the ease of entering or exiting business lines couldn’t be easier. We’re at a point where consumers are begging us for solutions to their problems – and are willing to pay for it! Couple that with the fact that the economy has “weeded” out all the “non-hackers” (obscure Full Metal Jacket reference) and left the market open to those of us that want to seize the opportunity. Now is the best time ever in America to be in business – let’s take full advantage of it!

Expect to Win

Darrel Anderson, President, US Financial Services Group

Darrel Anderson is DMA2010’s Guru of Merchant Processing at this year’s conference, you can sign up in September to get his expert advice in our 1:1 Guru sessions on Tuesday, October 12.

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