American Red Cross Offers Social Media “First Aid” to Marketers

To its users, social media is a fun way to connect with their networks, to marketers, it is an amazing way to engage in direct conversations with consumers, but sometimes it can be even more important than that. In a new post on SmartBlog, an interview with Wendy Harmon at American Red Cross reveals how social media has become the difference between life and death during disasters such as the terrible earthquake that struck Haiti. People were using social networks to ask for help, provide status updates, and spread news. It’s a fascinating interview.

But social media was used for so much more in Haiti. American Red Cross were able to use it incredibly effectively to generate donations to help with the relief efforts by integrating it with mobile, and online and offline campaigns. And besides the outstanding work they did for the people of Haiti, there are also lessons marketers can learn about the campaign. Peggy Dyer, CMO of American Red Cross, will be talking about the successes in Haiti and the lessons learned. It promises to be an amazing session, and not just for those in nonprofit organizations – it’s a great story for marketers wherever they are.


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