Guru Sessions are Live for Sign-Ups TODAY!!!

We are extremely proud to announce the opening of the Guru Sessions for sign-ups today. The DMA2010 Gurus are an incredible line up of expert-in-the-fields, covering a wide array of marketing topics – and you can consult with them for FREE! All you have to do is go to the DMA2010 website, find the Guru page (that makes it sound like a treasure hunt, but it’s really not), and then submit a synopsis of a problem you need help with. You will then book a 15-minute slot to talk one-to-one with the Guru best suited to answer your question. And on the Tuesday of the Conference you will benefit from the wisdom of their expertise – not just generally – but in a very specific and individualized way, pretty cool, huh?!

We have ECHO Award winners, industry veterans, fresh thinkers, and even professors – and, although they probably can’t help you with your bathroom tiling questions, we’re pretty sure that if it’s a marketing question you need answered, we have a Guru for you. Over the next couple of days, a few of our Gurus will be appearing on this Blog, so you can check them out yourself, but if I were you I’d get to the site early and book your 15 minutes fast!

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One Response to Guru Sessions are Live for Sign-Ups TODAY!!!

  1. This Guru idea is really great.

    If y0u had time to add one more guru, one area that few are exploring — but more should — is in affiliate marketing. A colleague of ours who’s out of the Baltimore area, Jim Gribble, would be an outrageously good Guru in that area.

    At an educational event this year I heard someone talk about the power of affiliate marketing when it comes to response to email – something like 50% more powerful (measurably) than just sending the email out as usual. We’ve seen affiliate marketing work with other media but that was the first time I’d seen a number connected to online sales. Wow!

    This is gonna be an awesome DMA. Cheers –
    Carol Worthington-Levy

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