Saturday at DMA2010!

Hey Everybody!

It’s started! We’re all here in San Francisco, and for those of us who were super super excited the show started today. We had a great turnout for the Pre-Conference sessions and no real unwanted drama at all – there will be no DMA2010 Shore, or the Housewives of DMA2010… All the drama was in the sessions, which were vibrant, and full of energy, fresh thinking, and thought-provoking methodology.  Talking to the Speakers at the end of the day was a great experience, they were excited by the engagement of the attendees and enthused for tomorrow when they will pick up where they left off for what promises to be an even better day.

Tomorrow, aside from the Strategic Summit, the six Pre-Conference Workshops, and the Social Media Certification Program, we drop into the mix the Master Class, the Online Marketing Summit, and Sunday’s Keynote with Bonin Bough from Pepsi and Carol Krol from Direct Marketing News. There’s a lot going on. And you can still be a part of it – we’re here in the Moscone Center in San Francisco until Wednesday, when we move the Post-Conference to the Marriott, so there’s plenty of opportunity to take a day pass or a three-day pass and join in.

Right that’s it from me, I have to get going to the Kick Off Party – Oh yes, it’s not all work work work, you know! See you in the Moscone!

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