Bruce Biegel Talks About the Future

Here’s Bruce Biegel from the Winterberry Group talking about the great things going on in marketing in 2010 and beyond. Bruce will be speaking at the Global Leaders’ Forum this week, but he’s also heavily involved in the organization of the Innovation Awards, which have produced a record number of entries this year. The Innovation Award finalists will be announced on Sunday, with the category winners and Best in Show announced on Tuesday. And you can join in too, by voting for the People’s Choice Award – pick up a voting slip at registration and vote for your favorite then drop your slip off at the DMA booth (booth #1126) for a chance to win a FlipCam.

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One Response to Bruce Biegel Talks About the Future

  1. Lisa Miller says:

    why you think top executives speak on company development and market prospect like this one?You guess is as good as mine but yes they represent a brand and they understand better the situation of the organization than anyone else in the organization, So when i here Bruce talking about the future, i can’t help it but to be optimistic of good times ahead.

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