Tuesday at DMA2010

Tuesday’s not even done! I shouldn’t be writing this yet, but i gotta and then I gotta go, because tonight is ECHO night!!! And what goes on on ECHO night stays in ECHO night. it’s like a rule, and stuff.

SOOOOOO Tuesday… another phenomenal day at DMA2010. Jacques Levy started things off with a great keynote speech about Sephora, then we had sessions all day – Thought Leadership sessions, Concurrent sessions, Guru sessions…. all sorts. While we’re talking about the Gurus, quick shout out to my man, Kevin Lofgren, our Guru of Creative who was upset that his biography was edited to remove the words “Kevin believes monkeys make anything better”. Apologies, Kevin, I hope this makes up for it in some small way.

The rest of the day was a blur, awards (Innovation, Marketer of the Year, Hall of Fame), prize draws, the Exhibit Hall closed down, and there’s still more to come!

Tomorrow there are even more Concurrent sessions, and there is the Wednesday Closing Keynote with the social media glitterati – Jack Dorsey, Jeff Hayzlett, Marian Salzmann, Gary Vaynerchuk, and moderator, Suzanne Vranica from the Wall Street Journal. And then we pack up… but not to go home! Oh NO! We’re moving across to the Marriott to start the Post-Conference – we have five awesome workshops that are well worth hanging around beautiful San Francisco for.

But before all that, I have to go get ready for the ECHO Awards tonight! The Best of the Best in marketing will be recognized and apparently they need people to shower and look smart for it. SO I can’t sit here writing to you anymore. See y’all in the Esplanade Ballroom!

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2 Responses to Tuesday at DMA2010

  1. Our Creative Slamdown – Great creatives working on BOOORING project – was standing room only – piled two deep in the back of the room with the best audience/attendees EVER! My speakers, Carlos Perez, Lauren Brenner and Jason Komulainen were awesome, fierce slamdown contenders! The winner: Jason, for his outstanding campaign to sell BROWN! see the DMA2010 archives to see the slides, or email me at carol.worthington-levy@lenser.com for slides.
    Tomorrow: Social media – promising profits or time and money sinkhole??? See it the session and judge for yourself.

  2. PS – does anyone know someone with a MAC who left their connector for the presentation projector in room 125? i have your connector. email me so i can get it to you.

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