Start Packing – DMA2011 is Only Seven Months Away!!!

We’re back! Welcome to the new DMA Annual Blog, we’re just seven short months away from kicking off DMA2011 in Boston, and you thought San Francisco was a blast? Well, in the words of Boston, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

We’re so excited about DMA2011 that the powers that be here at the DMA had confiscated our keyboards so we didn’t tell you all about it sooner, but finally they have let us loose. So…. bookmark this page, because this is where you’re going to get all the best inside information about what’s going on, you’ll hear from our speakers, from us here at DMA Towers, and many others who will be at the Global Marketing Event for Real Time Marketers!

But don’t just come here to be entertained and informed – get involved! Tell us what you thought of last year’s conference and exhibition, or what you think of this blog, comment on the posts, or even email us posts of your own. This blog isn’t for us to tell you what’s going on in Boston – we have a website for that – this is a place to find out the secrets to unlock the show and get the best out of it. You can find out more about the speakers, insider tips on what show veterans like to do, hidden gems that don’t get as much visibility in other places, and hear why attendees come back year after year.

Over the next few months we will be revealing the business and marketing stars that will be coming to the show, there will be interviews with speakers, special announcements, and maybe even some special offers! And that’s just the blog! We can’t wait to tell you about the line up we’ve put together this year… 2011 in Boston will be the best ever!

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