Guest Blogger: Warren Raisch, EVP/Chief Customer Officer, Digitaria

Digital Convergence Are You Ready? 

I will be speaking at the DMA2011 on the topic called Digital Convergence – Are You Ready?  it is focused on  Emerging Media and the  fundamental changes underway in  marketing and the overall business landscape primarily driven by recent disruptive developments in technology (Social  & Mobile)  and more importantly in the cultural psyche shifting trust away from big institutions and government to individuals, groups and communities that they engage and communicate with daily. In a recent Neilson Online Global Survey on which channels consumers trust the top ranking  channel came in at 92% of consumers trusted recommendations from people they know. Banner ads only ranked 24%.   I will review the current trends in Interactive marketing. Forrester recently researched the top growth trends in the Interactive Marketing space and is projecting a growth in the interactive marketing space to reach approximately $55 billion per year by 2014 with Social and mobile marketing experiencing the highest growth percentage followed by the more mature eMail, Display and Search Marketing.

My top three messages included in the presentation are as follows:

1) All Marketing is now Social Marketing

2) Mobile Devices are the new marketing Aggregation and Activation Points.

3) To survive and thrive you must start and maintain ongoing CONVERSATIONS with your customers across multiple channels and multiple devices.

It is time to Social Activate your marketing!

All Marketing is now Social Social Marketing is not just a program or a department or a function under PR, Corporate Communication or Marketing departments. Social should be incorporated deeply into every aspect of marketing as well as business communications and Customer Care and Service.

Mobile is the future of One-to-One Marketing Mobile is finally coming into it’s own this year. The pervasiveness of mobile represents an unparalleled marketing and business opportunity for the forward thinking companies that engage in Mobile Device marketing early. Today there are more active mobile phones on the planet than TV and Computers combined!  In the U.S. approximately 50% of the phones are Smart Phones with Web Browsing and Application capabilities. Over 90% of the mobile phones are SMS enabled. The ultimate dream of all of us in Marketing has been one-t0-one personalized marketing. Never before have we had such reach and access at such a personalized level. Mobile Marketing represents an opportunity to customize a marketing message down to a specific individual by phone or device type, time of day, GPS location, applications running etc.   When you think mobile don’t think phone – Think Mobile Device. Within the first 18 months of Apple launching the App Store over 3 billion mobile apps were downloaded. Mobile devices are becoming multi-functional. People use their mobiles today for planning travel, GPS navigation, games, entertainment, movies, telling time, email, browsing the web and did I mention TEXTING!   It is staggering to see the growth in texting. According to Nielsen 75 billion text messages are sent each month. With teens being the highest texters averaging 2272 test messages a month. That is almost 77 messages a day.

I watch three companies very closely when trying to predict upcoming trends and they are Apple, Google and Amazon.  Besides the fact that I worked at Apple for 6 years, I believe that Apple has the best product user interface design in the world. Google has all of the content in the world indexed, searchable and ready for rapid delivery while Amazon has the ability to monetize  all of the content in the new world order with one of the most advanced commerce platforms as well as their Amazon Web Services Elastic Cloud offerings that will enable all the applications on the planet to live in the “Cloud”.

Google and Apple Expanding Mobile Strategies Eric Shmidt, CEO of Google recently told CNBC that he believes Mobile Advertising revenues will surpass the traditional Google search revenues over the coming years. That is a very bold statement and one not spoken lightly. With the Google acquisition of Ad Mob, the world’s largest Mobile Ad Network, Google is making a clear directional statement.  Also with the Apple acquisition of Quattro Wireless, this  lays the groundwork for Apple’s iAd mobile advertising platform.  Although Apple and Google differ in their ad model methodologies, with Google going the more traditional display banner ad model now imposed on the mobile devices, Apple is taking an entirely different approach.  Remember I mentioned earlier that consumers have downloaded over 3 billion iPhone apps so far?  You can imagine how hungry those app developers are to monetize those app downloads right? Enter, the iAD. The iAD offers developers a way to monetize their apps with contextual advertising, sponsorships and marketing from within their native app environment. Where a traditional banner ad is seen outside or on the frame of an application of content page and once clicked takes you away to another site, the iAD is an entirely different approach. The iAD delivers content right into the application and allows you to stay engaged in your mobile environment and applications. I think it is brilliant and very engaging and moves us all away from disruptive marketing.

Think Cross Channel and Cross Device It is more important than ever to think cross-channel and cross-device. For years those of us in digital would try to drive home the point that traditional marketers should include the web into everything that they do. That message finally got across. Now a new mantra is emerging “Start The Conversation in every channel” So no matter what channel of marketing you are using include hooks to start the conversation either by adding SMS Campaigns to your traditional media that can be activated immediately while you are in front of the media whenever and wherever you are or a hook to Facebook. It is imperative that Social and Mobile engagements are prominently displayed in all of your media.


Warren Raisch will be talking more about Digital Convergence on Monday, October 3, at DMA2011 in Boston – register today to see him in action!

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4 Responses to Guest Blogger: Warren Raisch, EVP/Chief Customer Officer, Digitaria

  1. Smart Poster says:

    Hi Warren,
    I totally agree with what you are saying that coversations need to be started in every channel. Will you be looking at Mobile Marketing with QR Codes and Near Field Communcation? Are these technologies relevant in one-to-one marketing and how do you think these platforms will evolve?

    • Hi Smart Poster,

      Thanks for your post. Yes, I will be talking about some recent case studies and best practices in the Mobile, Tablet, QR Codes and Near Field Communications areas. Also I’ll be bringing a few stories about Augmented Reality. It is going to be a fun session. I hope you can join us.

  2. manica1974 says:

    Thanks for writing this particular blog post and rendering it public

    • Hi Manica,

      Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear your experiences and opinions as well. This is such an exciting time to be active in Digital across all channels and device types. I hope to see you at my session. Good luck with your marketing efforts. Keep experimenting – nobody has it all figured out yet:)

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