Boston – It’s more than just Lobster Rolls people!

This October, DMA2011 swaggers into Boston like it’s Clint Eastwood in a poncho walking into a new town for the first time. But unlike Clint, we had the foresight to send in some scouts first to check out the city, which means that for us – and you – Boston will be more ‘Good’ and less ‘Bad’ or ‘Ugly’.

When asked about Boston, almost everyone we’ve interviewed for this blog (more coming soon!) has mentioned Lobster Rolls, so the first mission for our scouts was to find more to Boston than Lobster… and they didn’t have to look far!

Boston is full of great bars, clubs, and restaurants, of course, but here are some links to show you more about what Boston has to offer. There’s shopping, sports, historical and cultural sites, tours, fashion, and music. So, you see, when you come to DMA2011 there will be no time to sleep, not only will you want to be at the Conference attending all our amazing sessions and exhibits, but you’ll be up all night checking out the best Boston has to offer!

Oh, and there are amazing Lobster Rolls too…

Register today using the special DMA2011 Blog Keycode JH609 and get $300 off all Conference & Exhibition packages and above!

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