Guest Video Blog – Jeannette Kocsis

Opportunity:  How can I leverage social media across my organization successfully – can I monetize social media?

Social media content generation can eat lots of manpower… so social media listening is well worth the effort to help focus attention and priorities.  Recently, it was reported that the average organization maintains more than 150+ social media accounts.  Chances are there’s little coordination among them and they are ripe for consolidation – this is simply unsustainable!  On Wednesday during the conference, Sony Electronics is going to tell its “Social CRM” story.  We invite you to listen in.  From product development to public relations to customer service to market segmentation, social media data are changing how brands interact with customers potentially across all channels – and how they measure the payback.  Jeannette Kocsis, senior vice president, digital marketing, The Agency Inside Harte-Hanks, gives a sneak preview

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