DMA2011 Speaker Feature

The “DMA2011 Speaker Feature” is a regular spotlight of one of the speakers at this year’s Conference. We wanted to celebrate when our speakers appear in the press, or have done something worth shouting from the rooftops. Even if those rooftops are not actual rooftops, just this humble DMA2011 Blog. We’re still shouting though!

September 2011

Strategic Summit speaker, Brent Adamson, from the Corporate Executive Board has co-authored a book with Matthew Dixon that uses research to look at confronts conventional sales wisdom. The Challenger Sale will be published soon, and you can see Brent speaking in advance of its release on Sunday, October 2, at DMA2011’s Strategic Summit!


Want a sneak peak into the mind of DMA2011 opening Keynoter Biz Stone‘s mind? Read this fantastic interview published today in the Wall Street Journal. Biz has some great things to say about creativity and entrepreneurship, but you can hear him speak in person by registering for DMA2011 – it’s only a month away!

July 2011

DMA2011 will host the induction of the brand new DMA Hall of Famers, Ernan Roman, founder and principal of Ernan Roman Direct Marketing, and Michael Bronner, founder and chairman emeritus of Digitas and Upromise, it was announced yesterday, and already Crain’s B2B magazine have jumped on the story!

Meanwhile, DMA2011 Keynote speaker, Randi Zuckerberg, has been warming up for her appearance in Boston with an appearance in New York, as reported in the Wall Street Journal!

June 2011

Wednesday Keynote panelist, Clara Shih, author of The Facebook Era, is featured in this week. It’s a great interview offering her insights and thoughts on social media, Facebook and business – all of which you’ll be able to hear much more about – in person – at DMA2011! Check out the interview, then come back and register today!

May 2011

Kevin Barenblat, one of DMA2011’s Brand, Social and Content Marketing speakers, is Co-Founder and CEO of Context Optional, who have been getting some press recently due to their work with Virgin America! And here is a recent interview with Virgin America and Context Optional in Social Times. Kevin is speaking on Tuesday afternoon at the Annual Show, so this is just a preview of some of the experience he brings to the show!


1 Response to DMA2011 Speaker Feature

  1. Dan Lukens says:

    Is it possible for exhibitors to get involved with this blog?

    My company is going to have a booth there and we’d be interested in learning a bit more about this and if we can somehow get in on it.


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