David Meerman Scott, Who Literally Wrote the Book on Real Time Marketing, at DMA2011

David Meerman Scott, author of Real Time Marketing & PR, could be said to be the man who literally wrote the book on real time marketing, and here he is earlier today, at the Global Event for Real TIme Marketers – DMA2011! David will be appearing at our Thought Leadership Series session tomorrow – Monday, October 3 – at 1:45 PM, where he will be talking all about real time marketing and how you can use it to engage, connect and grow your consumer base. As you can see from this video he has a lot to say about THE hot topic at DMA2011, so be sure to check him out!

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Boston “Heralds” the Coming of DMA2011

After yesterday’s appearance in the New York Times, comes today’s article in the Boston Herald, just in time for the opening of our PreConference Workshops! This morning the dedicated real time marketers began flowing through the doors for our 9 workshops and the Strategic Summit, as the Boston Herald was highlighting the mix of big and small brands that are speaking and the combination of cutting edge technology and channels and the more traditional. There’s only one way to find out what the fuss is all about – join us in the BCEC, Boston – our home until Thursday!

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DMA2011 Hits the News Stands!

There’s a bright future for direct marketing… the New York Times says so! Great news for all the DMA2011 attendees on the eve of its opening. DMA’s report shows that spending in direct marketing channels is set to increase, and what better way to learn how to make the most effecive use of this additional budget than the Global Event for Real Time Marketers, DMA2011! We’ll have 6 days – yes… SIX WHOLE DAYS – of case studies, workshops and networking opportunities to give you all you need to make successful business decisions and improve results!



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Real Time Marketers Universal Wilde-Wilde Agency Throw Monday Night Party for Real Time Marketers at DMA2011

Neal Boornazian and John Sisson from Universal Wilde-Wilde Agency took time out from their schedules to join us at the BCEC to prepare for the Premiere Party Event at DMA2011! John and Neal are real time marketers and had some great things to say about reaching consumers in an ever-changing and increasingly blurry multichannel marketing world! They are so excited to have DMA2011 in their backyard in Boston that they are sponsoring our movie themed party on Monday – 5:45 pm on Monday evening in the North Lobby. Join Neal and John, and the rest of the real time marketers at DMA2011 for a great night on Monday.

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Real Time Marketing with Pepsico’s Josh Karpf

Josh Karpf, Pepsico’s Digital and Social Media Manager, will be telling the DMA2011 audience all about how Pepsico has embraced Real Time Marketing, particularly through its social media listening Mission Control for its Gatorade brand. Josh will be speaking on Tuesday morning on a not to be missed session! For Josh, real-time marketing is all about being contextually relevant to consumers and social media is the world’s largest focus group. He has so much more to say, and with Pepsico one of the leading innovators in social and real time marketing, this session promises to be one of the standout moments of DMA2011… only 2 days away now!

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Guest Video Blog – Jeannette Kocsis

Opportunity:  How can I leverage social media across my organization successfully – can I monetize social media?

Social media content generation can eat lots of manpower… so social media listening is well worth the effort to help focus attention and priorities.  Recently, it was reported that the average organization maintains more than 150+ social media accounts.  Chances are there’s little coordination among them and they are ripe for consolidation – this is simply unsustainable!  On Wednesday during the conference, Sony Electronics is going to tell its “Social CRM” story.  We invite you to listen in.  From product development to public relations to customer service to market segmentation, social media data are changing how brands interact with customers potentially across all channels – and how they measure the payback.  Jeannette Kocsis, senior vice president, digital marketing, The Agency Inside Harte-Hanks, gives a sneak preview

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Guest Video Blog – Randy Ilas

Challenge:  My sales team is still not satisfied with all the leads we’re generating – what’s at the heart of the problem?

As any veteran business-to-business marketer might tell you, a sense of teamwork among b-to-b sales and marketing management often is elusive.  As lead gen channels – and the leads from them – have proliferated, the ability of many organizations to “keep up” with the volume, nurture leads with valuable content, and assign them to sales only when they are ready to buy has floundered.  Welcome to a new age of cooperation!  In this session at DMA:2011, CDW will talk about its journey to work closely with sales to (re)define what constitutes a qualified lead for this tech marketer, and its use of “deeper” third-party data to help in the lead nurturing and qualification process.  And we’re told we will hear the results are astounding!  That’s why business marketers might have this session on their Wednesday a.m. schedule – a perfect opportunity to “stick around Boston” at least one more day!  Randy Ilas of Harte-Hanks gives us the CDW pitch on this video he kindly put together for the DMA2011 blog – watch it, then watch him on Wednesday, October 5 at DMa2011.

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