The truth about viral marketing is that it’s near impossible to plan, and absolutely unpredictable. But there are certain things that you can do to increase your chances of a catchy marketing campaign taking flight.

  1. Keep away from the shock factor. This sounds counterintuitive, but in reality you don’t want your brand associated with something that could be offensive or shocking.
  2. Go for humor. Even if you take yourself far too seriously, your viral marketing campaign should indicate otherwise.
  3. Spread it around. A successful viral campaign uses all social media platforms available, including those that might not be as popular as others.

Viral marketing is one of the most effective ways to call attention to your brand, but it’s not easy. If you’re racked your brain to the point where you’re no longer thinking straight and your previous efforts have gone nowhere, perhaps it’s time to hire a professional social media marketer who can look at your company from a fresh perspective, offer up creative ideas for a viral campaign that is integrated into your overall marketing plan – and implement them for you. It’s certainly worth a try. The best place to make contact with an individual or company that offers this type of service is by attending industry conventions where you can meet people face to face and discuss your options. One of the biggest and most comprehensive on integrated direct marketing, DMA2011 Conference & Exhibition, is being held this October in Boston. If you’re able to, put some serious thought into attending. You’ll likely come away enthused, reinvigorated, and armed with a laundry list of new industry contacts.


Attending digital marketing events isn’t just something that the titans of industry do. Sure, you’ll find plenty of representation from megalithic corporations at digital marketing events wowing onlookers with their latest marketing applications and social media techniques. But events like the DMA2011 Conference and Exhibition are just as valuable for small to medium sized companies, as they are for anyone interested in digital marketing. Some of the things you’ll learn by attending DMA2011 include:

• How to develop marketing applications and utilize mobile technologies to extend your reach to new customer bases.
• Methods on choosing the best mobile marketing development software for the realization of your visions.
• How to generate ideas for mobile marketing applications. Think mobile technology doesn’t apply to your business? Think again. Often it takes thinking outside of the box to come up with simple yet ingenious ideas for using cutting edge technologies to your benefit. At DMA2011, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from various thought leaders in digital marketing that’ll give you an idea of where trends are headed with respect not only to mobile marketing applications, but to online marketing as a whole. You’ll also be able to partake of a variety of workshops to catch you up to speed on the latest developments in digital marketing. If you’ve ever felt left behind by the digital marketing revolution and want desperately to catch up, DMA2011 is not to be missed.


If you think direct marketing is all about business-to-consumer, think again. Business-to-business direct marketing is an equally important component of an integrated marketing strategy. Marketers who want to hone their capabilities will have plenty of opportunities at this year’s DMA marketing conference. The action starts on Saturday and Sunday with a B-to-B Marketing Pre-Conference Workshop. This workshop covers marketing strategies and tactics for companies that sell directly to businesses, government, and institutions. Emphasis will be on basic through advanced multi-channel marketing techniques, applying unique business-to-business customer retention and acquisition best practices. It continues on Monday and Tuesday with the B-to-B Symposium. The Symposium features some of the hottest new thinking in corporate direct marketing from all around the globe. Each of the four Symposium sessions will offer an in-depth dive into the very latest B-to-B thinking. Global B-to-B experts will discuss PURL strategies, nurturing relationships, interactive innovations, and integrating channels – all from a B-to-B perspective. Corporate direct marketing specialists can then take advantage of exhibits, workshops and networking events with their peers to gather more information. Over 10,000 attendees will discover the latest in integrated marketing and corporate direct marketing at this year’s DMA2011 Conference & Exhibition, Oct 1-6 in Boston. DMA2011 is the only global marketing event that packs so many learning opportunities in before, during and after the main event. Specialists in business-to-consumer and business-to-business direct marketing will learn how to integrate all channels, including digital, to improve customer acquisition, retention and reactivation.


Three Great Reasons to Show Up Early for DMA2011

Every time you look, it seems like there’s another compelling reason to block out time for this year’s DMA marketing conference. The exhibition hall and main educational sessions and run Monday through Wednesday, but there’s a lot of action going on before the conference, too. DMA2011 has put together three exciting events for those who want to get even more out of the strategic gathering. The two-day Strategic Summit, “Breaking Down the Walls: Customer Intelligence’s Role in Driving Business,” offers an in-depth opportunity for vice presidents, directors and upper-level managers from a variety of organizations to come together to exchange ideas, share insights, voice concerns, and strengthen the business relationships that are so crucial to success. Sunday’s Master Class is an advanced full-day track designed for experienced marketing professionals. Perfect for both beginner and intermediate level marketers, the two-day Pre-Conference Intensives are designed to give attendees a competitive edge over their peers with an outstanding assortment of educational content on nine marketing topics and channels, including Direct Marketing University and Fast and Furious Creative. Over 10,000 attendees will discover the latest in integrated marketing and direct marketing at this year’s DMA2011 Conference & Exhibition, Oct 1-6 in Boston. DMA2011 is the only global marketing event that packs so many learning opportunities in before, during and after the main event. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder marketing professionals from all over the globe are already looking forward to October


At DMA2011 Conference & Exhibition this October, you will have the opportunity to meet with hundreds of experts and talk face to face with marketers from all over the world. You’ll be able to participate in marketing workshops that run the gamut from search engine marketing to social media damage control. One of the topics you can find out more about at the DMA2011 is social viral marketing.

Social and viral marketing can be accomplished through a variety of different means and mediums. But regardless of whether your chosen method is video, audio, image or text, there are some rules that you should follow. These rules won’t guarantee a social viral marketing success. The fact is, nothing can. But they will give your effort the greatest chance of succeeding.

  1. Don’t oversell. Sometimes you look at cleverly created advertisements or online campaigns that, by all rights, should have gone viral—they certainly have broad appeal—but fell flat instead. One of the reasons this happens, apart from the fact that it’s difficult to catch lightning in a bottle or predict what everyone will go crazy for tomorrow, is the fault of marketing that’s way too obvious. If you get people’s attention with a funny video and suddenly shove a product in their face, they’ll resent it. The net result: your viral campaign is a flop.
  2. Drag it out. Suspense sells, and people are suckers for sequels. One look at the box office top 10 on any given day of the year will reveal that there are more sequels and remakes than there rightfully ought to be. But the fact is, people like familiarity, and people enjoy being told a story. If you create a viral campaign that does that and isn’t just some random silly video that for some reason has captured everyone’s, be sure not to reveal any conclusion too early. Sometimes, milking out the punch line will bring you bigger laughs.
  3. Go for the combo punch. There’s a reason that the saying “Don’t put all your eggs into one basket” is so popular—and now’s not the time to question the validity of the idiom. When you start your campaign of distribution, use all formats available to you. Cater your viral campaign so that it can be spread easily via any means: email, social media, and even word of mouth. This last bit indicates that you should make your campaign something that can easily be translated into a few brief words. Think: “The Most Interesting Man in the World” and you’re right on target.

These are just a few ideas on how you can increase your chances of your social marketing campaign going viral, as opposed to going nowhere. If you’re interested in getting a much closer, in-depth look at the various intricacies and nuances that can be involved in a full scale social viral marketing campaign, visit the DMA2011 Conference & Exhibitionin Boston. The DMA2011 convention is a seminar for advertisers, marketing experts, and business owners to come together in one location and share their passion for the exciting and ever evolving landscape of marketing, as well as sharing their expertise on how to harness the power of social media to achieve maximum result.


Marketing executives have enough on their plates trying to understand the latest direct marketing strategies themselves without worrying about how to efficiently pass their knowledge on to everyone else in the organization. They don’t have time to stop in the middle of planning a marketing campaign to bring everyone up to speed on the technical aspects of the business. Add to that the facts that not all marketing managers make great trainers and not all training is 100% effective, and you can end up with a marketing team that’s all over the map when it comes to industry knowledge. That’s why it makes sense to step back for a few days and become completely immersed in new techniques and current strategies. The DMA2011 Conference & Exhibition features nine educational session tracks, presented by industry experts who cover a wide range of direct marketing and integrated marketing topics including acquisition, creative, email, social, branding, mobile and more. These marketing seminars are organized by levels from fundamental to advanced, so attendees can build a learning schedule that’s exactly matched to their skills. Over 10,000 attendees will have the opportunity to receive in-depth marketing training at the DMA2011 Conference & Exhibition Oct 1-6 in Boston. Many are taking advantage of team discounts to bring groups to the event because they know that time invested in solid training now pays off in large dividends later. And they’re maximizing their savings with early bird discounts. Register by June 24 and save up to $300 per person.


The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) today announced ConvergeDirect as the recipient of the most votes among the three finalists for its 2011 Early Stage Innovation Awards.  The award celebrates advancement in direct and digital marketing technology for companies established within the past three years.  Nine semi-finalists received a free booth at the Innovation Award Pavilion at DMA’s ALL FOR ONE Summit, which was held at The Hilton NY June 20 – 21. In the rigorous competition, ALL FOR ONE conference attendees decided who moved on to the final round of the competition.  Attendees visited each company and voted for them by texting using their mobile device.  Entries were based on three main criteria:  how innovative the product or service is, the impact the product or service has on an end-user, and whether or not the product or service has made a difference in the community at large. ConvergeDirect, along with Compendium and edo Interactive, will now compete for the top prize in the Early Stage Innovation Awards.  A panel of judges will vote online and determine the ultimate winner who will receive their award along with other Innovation Award winners at DMA2011 in Boston on Tuesday, October 4.


DEBBIE ROTH OF JAPS-OLSON BUZZES WITH WISDOM AT DMA 2010 IN SAN FRANCISCO. Whether you are new to direct marketing or a seasoned veteran, DMA2010 is the place to be. Debbie Roth, VP of sales and marketing at Japs-Olson Company, is a returning alumni of DMA’s Annual Conferences. This year, she is excited to be involved in a premiere event, entitled “Guru 1:1 Sessions.” “The Sessions provide a unique opportunity for attendees to sign up and guarantee a spot to discuss ideas, problems, or get a second opinion from production and marketing experts at the top of their field,” says Roth. “There are so many other must-attend events at the conference that you really want to plan ahead. Some of my favorites include ‘Vendor Solutions Showcase’ and ‘Ask the Experts Roundtables.'” Roth will be moderating the Vendor Solutions Sessions at DMA 2010 on Monday, Oct. 11.


INTEL VETERAN BUZZES WITH INSIGHT AT DMA2010. Ekaterina Walter, social media strategist at Intel, is an example of how high tech and integrated marketing can work together successfully in the corporate world. And attendees can take advantage of her expertise at DMA2010 in San Francisco. “I am looking forward to DMA2010 not only because it promises to be an event full of valuable content where we can learn from industry thought leaders, but also because it is an amazing opportunity for us to learn from each other,” Walter said. “Networking opportunities are amazing at DMA events and the level of energy and passion is astounding!” Walter will be speaking during the inaugural launch of the DMA Strategic Summit, which will take place Oct. 9-10.


DISNEY MASTERMIND GIVES DMA2010 ATTENDEES THE MOBILE STRATEGY BUZZ. AJ Rhodes, director of strategy and marketing at The Walt Disney Company, has come a long way since he started his tenure with Disney working at Radio Disney.  It was there he extended the brand into multiple distribution channels including online, mobile, and television.  He is now working at a unit of the Disney Interactive Media Group where he worked on this summer’s big blockbuster movies Toy Story 3 and Prince of Persia.  And coming up in October, Rhodes will be speaking at the DMA2010 Conference & Exhibition in San Francisco.  “The great thing about mobile is that things can change in the course of a few months, so what I think I might talk about right now might evolve and change by the conference in October,” says Rhodes.  “I will definitely talk about Disney’s overarching strategy in the mobile space.”  Rhodes will be speaking on “The Mobile database and Multichannel Integration,” scheduled for Oct. 11 during the conference.  “We are developing great – and unique – programs and I want to share some case studies on what we are doing with films.”


MOBILE FUSION’S JOEL MORROW BUZZES ON INTEGRATION. Joel Morrow, managing partner at Mobile Fusion, writes:  “The DMA Annual Conference in San Francisco is the only place to learn the integrated approach to marketing from many incredible brands, and that’s what I love about this show.  Direct marketing leaders are at the forefront of driving incremental sales by integrating digital and mobile tactics across online and off-line channels, including Facebook, direct mail, email, and in-store, and DMA2010 features loads of great case studies showing best practices and some fantastic brands.  My own session will highlight new case studies from Coke and Edible Arrangements, and elsewhere at the conference you can hear how huge brands like Pepsi, Disney, Lacoste, Pandora, and Samsung are using integrated marketing to increase their ROI.”  Morrow will be speaking at DMA 2010 on the subject of “Integrating Digital Marketing Across Channels” Tuesday, Oct. 12.


G2 PRESIDENT WENDY LURRIE FORECASTS ‘EXCITING TIMES.’ Presenter Wendy Lurrie president, relationship marketing practice, G2 USA writes:  “These are exciting time to be involved with relationship marketing, which has undergone — and continues to go through—seismic change.  The entire marketing landscape is in rapid flux and we’re seeing dramatic changes in how consumers behave and engage.  For those of us occupied in RM, DMA 2010 will provide the insights to help us stay tuned in, and I’m looking forward to catching up with friends and colleagues as well as making new connections.  Join me, by registering today.”  Lurrie will be presenting a session entitled, “Maximizing Consumer Commitment:  Mapping the Customer Decision Journey” on Monday, Oct. 11 during DMA 2010 Conference & Exhibition in San Francisco.


MARYSSA MILLER EXPLORES THE INTERSECTION OF SOCIAL MEDIA AND DIRECT AT DMA 2010. Maryssa Miller, director of e-commerce at LaCoste, USA, has attended DMA 2010 several times, so she already knows the ropes.  But this year, she is more excited than ever about the big event, as she’ll be joining DMA 2010’s prestigious roster of speakers.  Miller will be presenting a session entitled, “The Intersection of Social Media and Direct” on Monday, Oct. 11, at DMA 2010, which will be held October 9-14 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco.  “This year’s agenda includes many more fresh and exciting speakers at the cutting edge of marketing,” said Miller.  “Of course, if I miss any of them, this time I’ll even be able to get recordings of the sessions as part of the Full Conference package, which means I will definitely have inspirational materials to take home.


ERNAN ROMAN, DMA 2010 AMBASSADOR AND SPEAKER, SHARES MARKETING INSIGHTS. Ernan Roman, president, Ernan Roman Direct Marketing, writes:  “What I particularly love about DMA 2010 is that it is large enough for a wide choice of sessions, but casual and inviting, so you can easily network with both industry leaders and peers.  I am looking forward to participating in the new Ambassadors program, where folks like us who have been around for a while can help newcomers connect with the experts or the sessions that will provide them the greatest value.  Join me, by registering today.”  Roman will be leading a Pre-conference Intensive entitled, “Increase Sales 20% to 30% Using 5 Relationship Marketing Best Practices…Guaranteed” and will also be speaking at the Thought Leadership module entitled, “Engagement Starts with the Voice of the Customer.”


STEPHANIE MILLER, ONLINE MARKETING EXPERT, SHARES EXPERTISE WITH DMA 2010 CONFERENCE ATENDEES. Stephanie Miller, Return Path’s VP of market development, will be presenting at the workshop on email marketing during the DMA 2010 Conference & Exhibition in San Francisco.  “We’ve got a dozen speakers who are experts in the various disciplines — from design to deliverability, to testing to integration — along with social, mobile, and content strategy,” says Miller.  “Sign up for the workshops in the pre-conference, and you’ll walk out with your head spinning with great insights, advanced concepts, and many powerful suggestions you can apply to your programs for immediate results.  There is no better place to be than San Francisco in October, especially when you can spend four days among the smartest and most talented direct marketers in the world.”


CAROL WORTHINGTON PARKER MENTORS THE NEXT GENERATION OF MULTICHANNEL MARKETERS AT DMA 2010. Carol Worthington-Levy, Partner, Creative Service, LENSER, is excited to be speaking at the upcoming DMA 2010 Conference & Exhibition in San Francisco.  Worthington-Levy will speak during a lively and informative workshop entitled “Creative Strategies & Execution.”  “As a creative who sought out education and mentoring in this business through DMA conferences, it’s exciting to know that I can now mentor the current and next generation of multichannel marketers,” Worthing-Levy said.  “And my guilty pleasure is that, while doing it, I’ll enjoy learning new things at other conference sessions, too!  Join me, by registering today.”  DMA 2010 will be held October 9-14 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco.

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