The Future of Marketing: Where’s it all Going?

Got 30 seconds to spare? Treat yourself to a little something special by checking out the clip above, featuring CMO of Nutrisystem (and DMA2014 keynote speaker!) Keira Krausz. Kiera will join an impressive lineup of business executives from brands like Live Nation, Time Warner Cable, Yext and Bank of America on Wednesday, October 29 for a panel discussion that will close out the DMA2014 Main Conference.   What’s NeXt: A Look Into The Lens @ 2015 and Beyond will provide a glimpse into the future and what’s coming down the pike on the marketing front. Don’t miss it from 11:00am – 12:00pm. More details in the video above!

And now, if you register for DMA2014 using exclusive blog discount code AN610, you’ll get $300 off 2-day packages and above. Register today!


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Google: So Much More than a Search Engine

Year round, Google works hard to help businesses across the United States achieve online success—and there’s simply no denying the value Google adds to our economy. Advertisers, publishers, even non-profits are benefitting from Google’s impact, and we have the results of their annual Economic Impact report to prove it. Check out the full report here for a detailed state-by-state breakdown, and discover how Google’s initiatives are helping our industry grow, non-stop.

How else is Google giving back? Well, for one, they’re all over our DMA2013 program! Check out a full listing of DMA2013 sessions here, and don’t forget to join us for our Closing Keynote Panel discussion on Wednesday, October 16th from 11:00am-12:00pm, when Googler Tim Reis, Head of Mobile & Social Solutions, Americas joins the conversation on What’s NeXt: A Look through the Lens—which we couldn’t be more excited about.

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Data Driven Marketing that Benefits Brand & Consumer: A QVC Story

QVC shoppers are loyal, and multi-channel.   Hopefully that sounds familiar to your brand, too! 

A multi-year long effort to understand, articulate and act upon the voice of the customer has led to increased sales across channels, and a rich – and actionable! – understanding and appreciation of the customer.  John Hunter, CMO of QVC, gave our keynote today and it was a very generous look into the way that a data driven marketing approach can transform the relationship between brand and consumer.  The brand wins, but more importantly – the consumer wins.  

Isn’t that what data driven marketing is all about? That win-win for both!

John started out by sharing a video about the relationship between brand and consumer.  The ending is inspiring: “It’s a personal connection.  Don’t just shop. Q.”  The point is that it’s not just shopping, it’s about personal stories, personal choices, access across channels, global product lines and very unique deals.

“At a time when most people take the social recommendation of a stranger over the promise of a company, we realize that Marketers are no longer in charge. Get over it,” Hunter said.  In-the-moment data consumption now drives the QVC engine. In fact, John said that during a TV broadcast, the host is watching sales figures by product in real time.  He or she adjusts the sales pitch based on the sales success in the moment – extending some offers and skipping ahead on others. 

We are now in the time of the “pervasively connected customer who is always on,” John said.  QVC aims to empower the customer to “co-create” the retail experience.  “Access is the theme of this decade,” he says.  Meaning access to brands, products via the explosiveness of social media.  The goal is to allow customers to “make buying decisions when you want, at your convenience.”

We’ve all either done it or seen someone do it in a retail store.  John shared examples of customers saying that when they reached a buying decision, they pull out their mobile phone, tablet or PC and search for a price comparison.  “Where the purchase is made is not where the sale is made,” he said.  So QVC has expanded their use of transactional data to track the entire customer journey across day parts, situations and devices.   “We needed to drop our own pre-conceived notions of how she shops with us.”

After a major effort to listen to the customer – a project that John recommends for every marketer – QVC can now adjust the buying experience and the customer journey based on those different wants and needs.   They found that engagement is not consistent even among the same group of customers.  “Shoppers have new tools.  Different wants and needs.  One shopper can shop 10 different ways, Ten shoppers may shop hundreds of different ways,” he said.   “You hear key gems to highlight and then you know to make that aspect accessible to your customers across channels.”

He noted that the infrastructure of technology, people and process was not an overnight or simple thing to construct.  “We focused on one aspect each year and so we able to move in a positive direction without overwhelming the business,” he said during the Q&A.

Welcome to the world of the omni platform customer. Customers shop and interact with brands as it is convenient for them.  Don’t fight this trend – embrace it.  For QVC, they found that the customer did not want to buy from the brand, they wanted to participate in the brand.  QVC is a wonderful example of strong data driven marketing resulting in a delightful and welcome customer experience.

John’s Top Three Takeaways:

  1. Voice of the customer and preference data are key to developing a deep understanding of your customer ;
  2. Develop your multi platform startatgy around how the customer or groups of customers want to access your brand ;
  3. Define your customer and their experience with your brand.


Thank you, John, for an excellent and insightful keynote!


– Stephanie Miller, VP, Member Relations, The DMA (@stephanieSAM)

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Join @WWE @acxiom @_SgtSlaughter for #DM

Join @WWE @acxiom @_SgtSlaughter for #DMA2012 #customerengagement session in Las Vegas | Register by 6/29 & SAVE up2 $300

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@wired Chris Anderson keynotes #DMA2012 #BigData = Big Growth | Register by 6/29 & SAVE up to $300 @chr1sa @dma_usa

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FlashCon returns to NYC for #DMA2012 – s

FlashCon returns to NYC for #DMA2012 – see Scott Stratten @unmarketing LIVE on June 5 talk about the power of data

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Darrin Wilen on Powerful, Personalized Communications at DMA2011

Darrin Wilen, President of Wilen Media, joined us at DMA HQ for a chat about his session on powerful, personalized communications that will take place on Wednesday, October 5, at DMA2011. He sees real time data as a game changer in print and graphics, not just online channels. He has a great story to tell so make sure you check out his session on Wednesday! But come early, as Darrin says there are many reasons to be here in Boston!

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David Meerman Scott, Who Literally Wrote the Book on Real Time Marketing, at DMA2011

David Meerman Scott, author of Real Time Marketing & PR, could be said to be the man who literally wrote the book on real time marketing, and here he is earlier today, at the Global Event for Real TIme Marketers – DMA2011! David will be appearing at our Thought Leadership Series session tomorrow – Monday, October 3 – at 1:45 PM, where he will be talking all about real time marketing and how you can use it to engage, connect and grow your consumer base. As you can see from this video he has a lot to say about THE hot topic at DMA2011, so be sure to check him out!

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Boston “Heralds” the Coming of DMA2011

After yesterday’s appearance in the New York Times, comes today’s article in the Boston Herald, just in time for the opening of our PreConference Workshops! This morning the dedicated real time marketers began flowing through the doors for our 9 workshops and the Strategic Summit, as the Boston Herald was highlighting the mix of big and small brands that are speaking and the combination of cutting edge technology and channels and the more traditional. There’s only one way to find out what the fuss is all about – join us in the BCEC, Boston – our home until Thursday!

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DMA2011 Hits the News Stands!

There’s a bright future for direct marketing… the New York Times says so! Great news for all the DMA2011 attendees on the eve of its opening. DMA’s report shows that spending in direct marketing channels is set to increase, and what better way to learn how to make the most effecive use of this additional budget than the Global Event for Real Time Marketers, DMA2011! We’ll have 6 days – yes… SIX WHOLE DAYS – of case studies, workshops and networking opportunities to give you all you need to make successful business decisions and improve results!



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