The Innovation Awards: Bigger and Better for DMA2010!

Paul McDonnough Congratulates an Award Winner at DMA09

DMA09 Innovation Award Winner is Congratulated

DMA09 was my first experience of a DMA Annual Conference and I had so many great experiences, but I think my favorite part was the Innovation Awards. I was pretty heavily involved in putting the awards together and it felt like being at the beginning of something exciting. The ceremony last year was low key, but everyone involved was excited to be there and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that felt like they were at a secret and exclusive part of the show!
This year, we’re going big with it! There are more categories, more entrants and some really outstanding judges. The Innovation Awards are being given a much bigger profile at the conference too, bookending the Exhibit Hall with a ceremony at the opening of the Hall and one at closing. And all those outstanding advances in direct and digital marketing technology entered this year will be voted on by visitors to the Exhibit Hall for a special People’s Choice Award.
So this year it’s a totally different animal to last year, but it’s living up to the excitement we all felt at DMA09 – and there’s still time to get involved, just go to the DMA2010 site and enter your innovative product or service!

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2 Responses to The Innovation Awards: Bigger and Better for DMA2010!

  1. As co-chair of the Marketing Technology Council – the Council sponsoring this award – we are truly excited. We have added lots of new categories – more opportunities to enter and be recognized and we have a field of judges that span the DM Globe. Our industry is all about innovation – let us learn about yours!

  2. Hello there! I just happened upon this site today whilst searching for some various exercise terms in bing. Hung around a bit to check things out and read a number of your articles… first rate stuff. I’ll be back around again later on for sure.

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